The Dresser Institute | About Us
The dresser as an institute of fashion designing, the idea its self came when we started designing and manufacturing for students of fashion designing from other institutes. When we asked those students after having already completed fashion designing course, why is that you guys have to come to the dresser boutique to execute their designs? and we were really shocked with the reply we got. They said in institutes we just learned basics of designing, ornamentation, etc and that too mainly theoritical aspects, in the field of drafting, cutting & stitching (pattern making) we are having zero knowledge. These kinds of sutdents come to us with some sketchs and at the time of discussion on the designs sketched by them, they are seriously unable to explain the technical aspects of the pattern making. And being in india the institute of fashion designing should include indian fashion wear in their syllabus. but still than indian saree blouses are not included in the courses. This is when we planned to start the dresser institute of fashion designing, we wanted our students to gain practical knowledge of fashion designing & pattern making to all who are interested in the field of fashion industry with in the short period of time. Here our courses are planned in such a way that just whithin 5 days our students complete their normal dress drafting, cutting with complete stitching and trial of the same. The dresser is dedicated only to provide practical training in fashion designing & pattern making rather wasting your precious time and money. Our aim is to make common people to learn and have confidence to start their own boutiques. the courses provided in the dresser institute helps a person with the zero knowledge to draft, cut & stitch their own garments as well as take customers orders and have the ability to make it to perfection & to the satisfaction of the customers. WE WELCOME YOU TO JOIN US TO GAIN PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE IN FASHION DESIGNING & PATTERN MAKING TO THE PERFECTION. Since than we are now in the league of the recognised fashion designing institute and having trained students all over india. We welcome all readers to visit us for the course details.